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RaidLabs File Uneraser

Recover Lost Files and Deleted Documents from Recycle Bin, USB Flash and Removable Media

RaidLabs File Uneraser reliably recovers deleted files and documents, undeletes digital pictures, music, videos, RAR and ZIP archives. The file recovery tool can undelete entire folders. This file recovery software can help in cases when anything else is helpless.

File Uneraser can undelete files from all types of storage media including memory sticks, digital cameras, flash drives, USB drives and pretty much any other type of a storage device you can connect to your PC and access as a drive letter. In addition, this undelete software works with NTFS-encrypted and compressed files, and can help you recover files lost from a virus attack, malicious or accidental user activities. No special skills and no information recovery training are required! Try File Uneraser free with full pre-recovery preview.

RaidLabs File Uneraser can:
  • Undelete all types of files
  • Unerase deleted documents, pictures, emails, archives, audio and video files
  • Undelete files from emptied Recycle Bin
  • Recover data from FAT and NTFS partitions
  • Perform comprehensive recovery by scanning the entire volume
  • Undelete files from NTFS disks even in older versions of Windows
  • Preview deleted files even in the free version
  • Fully Guided Recovery

    RaidLabs File Uneraser features a comprehensive and fully guided data recovery wizard. When you start the tool, a wizard will guide you through the entire recovery process, helping you choose the right options in order to perform the safest and most complete recovery. After the disk scan is complete, you'll see an Explorer-like window listing all recoverable files. You can view any file with a single click or add one to the recovery list with a double-click. If you are about to recover more than just a few files, you can use the search function to choose files of a certain type, select entire folders or choose to restore everything that's still recoverable.

    Full Auto Mode

    You can run File Uneraser in full auto mode, letting it scan your disk and choose the optimal recovery strategy on your behalf. In this mode, the undelete tool scans a target drive automatically and selects the perfect solution to restore as many files as possible.

    File Uneraser features a number of functional and convenience features usually not available in its price range.
    Major Highlights

    • PowerSearch performs the complete disk scan in order to locate recoverable files not listed in the file system
    • LivePreview allows previewing more than 250 types of files in live mode with no external viewers required
    • You can view deleted documents and pictures, play music and videos and enter deleted archives like folders even in the free version of File Uneraser
    • Undelete files in Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 and 8
    • Full FAT, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 support
    • A unique technology for recovering deleted files stored on FAT32 volumes;
    • Recovers encrypted and compressed files from NTFS and NTFS5 disks.


    RaidLabs Inc. offers home and office users a hard drive recovery software to recover deleted files and corrupted RAID arrays of various types.

    Feel free to get in touch with our support team if you need any clarifica- tions or any assistance.

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